BDCA17 full provisional program
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Tuesday March 28th
Wednesday March 29th
Thursday March 30th

13h00 – 19h:00
Welcoming and Registration of Participants

08h00 – 08h:30
Welcoming and Registration of Participants

08h30 – 09h:00
Opening Ceremony

10h00 – 10h30
Keynote Talk : From Data Chaos to the Visualization Cosmos
Prof. Robert S Laramee Swansea University, Wales – United Kingdom
Chair : Prof. M. Arioua

09h00 – 10h00
Networking & Coffee Break

10h30 – 12h10

Oral Session BDCA 1 : Big Data
Chairs: Prof. Z. Abdelhamid and Prof. K. Haddouch
Room : 205

Data Collect Requirements Model
Iman Tikito and Nissrine Souissi
Revisiting BFR Clustering Algorithm for Large Scale Gene Regulatory Network Reconstruction using MapReduce
Meroua Daoudi and Souham Meshoul
Towards Clustering Validation in Big Data Context
Soumeya Zerabi, Souham Meshoul, Amina Merniz and Radia Melal
Threshold-based load balancing algorithm for Big Data on a Cloud environment
Yassir Samadi and Mostapha Zbakh

Oral Session BDCA 2 : Cloud Computing
Chairs: Prof. B. El Mouhajir and Prof. S. Jellouli
Room : 206

A new cloud computing approach based SVM for relevant data extraction
Saouli Hamza, Ghamri Abderaouf, Merizig Abdelhak and Kazar Okba
A new reformulation of the load balancing problem in cloud computing based on TSP and ACO
Chouaib Moussaddaq, Abdeallah Ezzati and Rachid El Harti
Fully homomorphic encryption: Searching over encrypted cloud data
Ahmed El-Yahyaoui and Mohamed Dafir Ech-Chrif El Kettani
Mobiles Agents and Virtual Firewall to Secure the Shared Network for Virtual Machines in IaaS cloud
Hicham Toumi, Bouchra Marzak, Eddaoui Ahmed and Mohamed Talea
A Modeling Framework for the Moroccan sociolect recognition used on the social media
Fadoua Mansouri, Abdelalim Sadiq and Ikram El Azami

Oral Session E-LIP 1 : Adaptive Learning Systems
Chairs: Prof. A. Abtoy and Prof. M. EL YADARI
Room : 204

Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems: Current Developments and Challenges
Kenza Sakout Andaloussi, Laurence Capus and Ismail Berrada
A new LOM application profile to describe complementary pedagogicals resources in an CRHL
Mohammed Kamal Rtili, Mohammed Khaldi, Marouane El Mabrouk and Ali Dahmani
Revision of the learning resources modeling concept by Recursive Entity Modeling Method (REMM)
Amal Rifai, M’Hamed Bakrim, Majda Tahri Joutey and Abdelalim Sadiq
A New Responsive SCORM Design (RSCOD) Approach Based Semantic Learning Object (SLO) Using SharePoint Learning Kit (SLK)
Zouhair Rimale, El Habib Ben Lahmar and Abderrahim Tragha
Modeling of Problem Based Learning Strategy by Recursive Entity Modeling Method
Amal Rifai, Majda Tahri Joutey, M’Hamed Bakrim and Abdelalim Sadiq

Oral Session MIIR 1: Image Processing and Applications
Chairs: Prof. A. SADIQ and Prof. K. Houssni
Room : 203

A Semi-Blind Information Hiding Technique Using DWT-SVD and QAM-16 for Medical Images
Ayad Habib and Khalil Mohammed
Novel parallel Givens QR decomposition implementation on VLIW architecture with Efficient memory access for real time image processing applications
Mohamed Najoui, Anas Hatim and Said Belkouch
Context Arabic Handwriting Recognition Using Cross Learning based Hybrid HMM/MLP Models
Rabi Mouhcine, Mustapha Amrouch and Zouhir Mahani
Watershed transform for text lines extraction on binary handwri en documents
Youssef Boulid, Abdelghani Souhar, El Bachir Ameur and Mly Moustafa Ouagague
New Image Steganography Method Based on K-means Clustering
Ismail Kich, El Bachir Ameur and A. Souhar

12h10 – 14h30
Networking & Lunch Break

14:30 – 16:10

Oral Session BDCA 3 : NETWORK
Chairs: Prof. N. Aknin and Prof. N. Enneya
Room : 205

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems under high-speed networks
Mohammed Saber, Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi, Sara Chadli, Mohamed Emharraf and Ilhame El Farissi
Performance Evaluation of Cluster Validity Methods in K-Medoids Algorithm applied to WSN
Aziz Mahboub, El Mokhta En-Naimi, Mounir Arioua and Anas Hatim
A Stable Route Prediction and the Decision Taking at Sending a Data Packet in a Highway Environment
Mohamed Nabil, Abdelmajid Hajami and Abdelkrim Haqiq
A Seamless Handover Based MIH-Assisted PMIPV6 in Heterogeneous Network (LTE-WIFI)
Asmae Ait Mansour, Nourddine Enneya and Mohammed Ouadou

Oral Session BDCA 4 : Big Data
Chairs: Prof. A. EL HIBAOUI and Prof. Ali Younes
Room : 206

Exploiting Open Data to Improve the Business Intelligence & Business Discovery Experience
Oussama El Bacha, Othmane Jmad, Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Nabil Hmina
Comparative study: Dependability of Big Data in the Cloud
Fatima Ezzahra Mdarbi, Nadia Afifi, Imane Hilal and Hicham Belhadaoui
A Cloud Face Recognition System using A New Optimal Local Binary Pattern
Karim El Moutaouakil, Abdellatif Dahmouni and Khalid Satori
Search Engine Optimization to detect user’s intent
Salma Gaou, Aissam Bekkari, Marouane El Mabrouk and Abdelhamid Zouhair

Oral Session E-LIP 2 : E-learning Security and Remote Infrastructure
Chairs: Prof. M. Ghailani and Prof. M. Chrayah
Room : 204

Design of a Remote Experience for Electrical Engineering Using Embedded Systems
Abdelmoula Abouhilal, Amine Moulay Taj, Mohamed Mejdal and Abdessamad Malaoui
Towards a Cloud-Based Virtual Infrastructure for Enhancing Collaborative Learning
Abderrahim El Mhouti, Mohammed Erradi and Azeddine Nasseh
El-Security: E-learning Systems Security Checker Plug-in
Karima Aissaoui and Mostafa Azizi
Social Learning tool for a conceptual change
Rajaa Aoulad Moussa, Mourad Madrane, Rachid Janati-Idrissi and Mohamed Laafou
Yassine Khazri, Ahmed Fahli, Mohammed Moussetad and Sabir Brahim.
Application of Arabic language processing in language learning
Anoual El Kah, Imad Zeroual and Abdelhak Lakhouaja

Oral Session MIIR 2: Objects Detection and Traking
Chairs: Prof. A. Medouri and Prof. Y. Hadi
Room : 203

Evaluation of PCL’s Descriptors for 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Scene
Nabila Zrira, Fatima Zahra Ouadiay, Mohamed Hannat, Bouyakhf El Houssine and Mohammed Majid Himmi
Particle Filter Object Tracking Based on Color Histogram and Gabor Filter Magnitude
Mohammed Lahraichi, Khalid Housni and Samir Mbarki
A Customer Emotion Recognition through Facial Expression using POEM descriptor and SVM classifier
Moulay Smail Bouzakraoui, Abdealim Sadiq and Nourddine Enneya
Human Fall Detection Using Von Mises Distribution and Motion Vectors of Interest Points
Abdessamad Youssfi Alaoui, Rachid Oulad Haj Thami, Azeddine Elhassouny and Hamid Tairi
Overview on 3D models searching and indexing
Souhaib Douass and M’Hamed Ait Kbir

Poster Session

Data Security and risks for IoT intercommunicating objects
Jalal Laassiri
Security in Cloud-Based Medical Image Processing: Requirements and Approaches
Marwan Mbarek, Kartit Ali and Ouahmane Hassan
Design a Secure Framework for Cloud-Based Medical Image Storage
Marwan Mbarek, Kartit Ali and Ouahmane Hassan
Survey of Plagiarism Detection Approaches and Big data Techniques related to Plagiarism Candidate Retrieval
Oumaima Hourrane and El Habib Benlahmar
Big Data Technologies to Improve Medical Data Warehousing
Abderrazak Sebaa, Amina Nouicer, Fatima Chikh and Abdelkamel Tari
New initialization for clustering algorithms combining distance and density
Mohamed El Alaoui and Hussain Ben-Azza
From Data to Big Data: Moroccan public sector
Rachida Khtira, Bouchra Elasri and Maryem Rhanoui
The Customer Experience in a regulatory environment: Case of mobile telecommunications services in Morocco
Ikrame Belabbes, Aziza Amine and Mourad Oubrich
Machine learning for personalized access to multiple data sources through ontologies State of art
Oumayma Banouar and Said Raghay
New access control policies for private network and protocol security
Yousra Hafid and Jalal Laassiri
Multi-Objective examination Timetabling Problem: Modeling and resolution using a based ε-constraint method
Abounacer Rachida and Dkhissi btissam

16h10 – 16h40
Networking & Coffee Break

16h40 – 18h40

Oral Session BDCA 5 : Natural Language Processing
Chairs: Prof M. Al Achhab and Prof. M. El Yadari
Room : 205

A comparison of Text Classification methods Method of weighted terms selected by different Stemming Techniques
Mariem Bounabi, Karim El Moutaouakil and Khalid Satori
Graph based Representation for Arabic Text Categorization
Meryeme Hadni, Mounir Gouiouez and Said El Alaoui Ouatik
Build a Morphosyntaxically Annotated Amazigh Corpus
Amri Samir, Zenkouar Lahbib and Outahajala Mohamed
Developing and performance evaluation of a new Arabic heavy/light stemmer
Imad Zeroual, Mohamed Boudchiche, Azzeddine Mazroui and Abdelhak Lakhouaja
Multilabel categorization of death certificates using NLP and Machine Learning
Imane Allaouzi and Mohamed Ben Ahmed
Syntactic entropy for main content extraction from web pages
Ismail Jellouli, Badr Eddine El Mohajir and Mohammed Al Achhab

Oral Session BDCA 6 : Machine Learning
Chairs: Prof. K. El Moutaouakil and Prof. N. El Akkad
Room : 206

An Effective Genetic Algorithm for solving Series-parallel power system problem
Amine Amarir, Mustapha Essadqi and Abdellah Idrissi
Data-driven based aircraft maintenance routing by markov decision process model
Oussama Aoun and Abdellatif El Afia
Prediction of Supplier Performance: A Novel Dea-Anfis Based Approach
Rohaifa Khaldi, Raddouane Chiheb, Abdellatif El Afia and Adil Akaaboune
New checker for constraint networks solutions
Khalid Haddouch and Karim El Moutaouakil
Directionnal Data Classification Using a Hierarchical model of Von Mises Distribution
Said Benlakhdar, Mohammed Rziza and Rachid Oulad Haj Thami
Sentiment Analysis using supervised classification algorithms
Yassine Al-Amrani, Mohamed Lazaar and Kamal Eddine Elkadiri

Oral Session E-LIP 3 : Data analysis and Serious games
Chairs: Prof. Florent K.K and Prof. Ait kbir
Room : 204

Serious games modeling
Chaimae Meftah, Asmaa Retbi, Samir Bennani and Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi
Gamified Stress Management Calendar for Higher Education Students
Mohammed Berehil, Karim Arrhioui and Samir Mbarki
Integration of Data Mining Techniques in E-Learning Systems
Anas El Moustamid, Jaber El Bouhdidi, El Mokhtar En-Naimi
Promoting elementary mathematics learning through digital games
Tariq Bouzid, Hassane Darhmaoui and Fatiha Kaddari
Mining Moocs Videos Metadata Using Classification Techniques
Othman El Harrak, Abderrahim Ghadi and Jaber El Bouhdidi
Apport de la théorie de l’activité et des outils collaboratifs à la gestion des connaissances
Megder El Hassan, Cherkaoui Chihab and Mammass Driss

Oral Session MIIR 3: Action Detection and recognition
Chairs: Prof. J. Laassiri and Prof. Y. Tabii
Room : 203

Face Detection Using Rotated Asymmetric Haar Features
Mohamed Oualla and Sadiq Abdelalim
Adaptive Appearance Model in Particle filter based Visual Tracking
Wiam Oulad Abdeslam, Youness Tabii and Kamal Eddine El Kadiri
Face Tracking based on Hierarchical Motion and Motion Models
Asmae Rabhi, Yassine Elghayam, Abdelalim Sadiq and Abdelaziz Mouloudi
Detection and Recognition of Road Signs
Hassan Bousnguar, Ilias Kamal, Khalid Housni and Moulay Youssef Hadi
Car Make and Model Recognition using Sparse Coding and Bag of Features
Ilias Kamal, Khalid Housni and Moulay Youssef Hadi

08h15 – 09h00
Keynote Talk : IoT , Big data and Cloud Computing : Application to smart cities
Prof. Aoued BOUKELIF University of Sidi-Bel-Abbes, ALGERIA
Chair : Prof. O. Mahboub

09h00 – 10h00

Oral Session BDCA 7 : Big Data
Chairs: Prof. S. Amjad and Prof. L. Benammor
Room : 205

Toward Efficient Ranked-key Algorithm for the Web notification of Big Data Systems
Mohamedou Cheikh Tourad and Abdelmounaim Abdali

Big Data Analytic Techniques in Virtual Screening for Drug Discovery
Karima Sid and Mohammed Chawki Batouche
Association rules mining on MapReduce
Saida El Mendili, Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Nabil Hmina

Oral Session BDCA 8 : Machine Learning
Chairs: Prof. S. Khoulji and Prof. O. Chakkor
Room : 206

Particle swarm optimization for model selection of aircraft maintenance predictive models
Abdellatif El Afia and Malek Sarhani
Classification of Breast Cancer with Improved Self-Organizing Maps
Hicham Omara, Mohamed Lazaar and Youness Tabii
Artificial Neural Network Based Approach for Blood Demand Forecasting: Fez Transfusion Blood Center Case Study
Rohaifa Khaldi, Abdellatif El Afia and Raddouane Chiheb

Oral Session BDCA 9: Image Analysis
Chairs: Prof. M. Arioua and A. Medouri
Room : 204

Cluster calibration for processing monitoring data
Charif Mahmoudi and Fabrice Mourlin
Popularity Prediction of Videos in Youtube as Case Study: A Regression Analysis Study
Soufiana Mekouar, Nabila Zrira and El-Houssine Bouyakhf
Collecting and Processing Multilingual Streaming Tweets for Sentiment Analysis
Abdeljalil Elouardighi, Hafdalla Hammia, Mohcine Maghfour and Miloud Chater

Oral Session COEA 1: VRP1
Chairs: Prof. A. EL fallahi and Prof A. El afia
Room : 203

Ant Colony system approach for dynamic vehicles routing problem multi tours
Khaoula Ouaddi, Youssef Benadada and Fatima- Zahra Mhada
Problème de tournées de véhicules avec contraintes de capacité et fenêtres horaire
Mohamed Laariba and Kamal Eddine El Kadiri
Resolution of a dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem with Soft Time Windows basing on the static problem resolution by the hybrid approach
Bouchra Bouziyane, Btissam Dkhissi and Mohammad Cherkaoui

10h00 – 10h30
Networking & Coffee Break

10h30 – 12h30

Oral Session BDCA 10 : Data Mining and Optimization
Chairs: Prof. M. Ettaouil and Prof. Z. Besri
Room : 205

Neural Network Approach for Fault Detection in Substations
Elmahdi Khoudry, Abdelaziz Belfqih and Mohamed Nouh Dazahra
Penguins Search Optimization Algorithm to Solve Quadratic Assignment Problem
Ilyass Mzili, Mohammed Essaid Riffi and Fatiha Benzekri
A Legacy Application Metamodel for Modernization
Khadija Sabiri and Faouzia Benabbou
Intentional Islanding based on Dynamic Selection Algorithm in Microgrid with distriuted generation
Youssef Hamdaoui and Abdelilah Maach
Fuzzy logic controller for an adaptatif Huang cooling of simulated annealing
Abdellatif El Afia, Mohamed Lalaoui and Raddouane Chiheb
Multilayer Perceptron: Architecture Optimization and training with mixed activation functions.
Hassan Ramchoun, Mohammed Amine Janati Idrissi, Mohamed Ettaouil and Youssef Ghanou

Oral Session BDCA 11 : Cloud Computing
Chairs: Prof. S. El Kafhali and Prof. M. Hanini
Room : 206

A Hybrid Approach for Optimized Composition of Cloud Services
Soumia Zertal and Mohamed Batouche
Secure confidential big bata sharing in cloud computing using KP-ABE scheme
Sara Amghar, Yassine Tabaa and Abdellatif Medouri
Enabling Data Integrity for Storage Security in Cloud Computing
Zaid Kartit, Hamid Lghazi and Abdelalim Sadiq
Securing Data in Cloud Computing by Classification and Cryptography
Ibtissam Ennajjar, Youness Tabii and Abdelhamid Benkaddour
Towards a Stochastic Model for Integrated detection and filtering of DoS attacks in Cloud environments
Iman El Mir, Dong Seong Kim and Abdelkrim Haqiq
Impact of Selecting VM with Least Load on Tasks Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Computing
Tahani Aladwani

Oral Session BDCA 12 : Information Retrieval
Chairs Prof. N. Enneya and Prof. J. A. Chentoufi
Room : 204

Restoration image degraded by blurred variable in the field
Youness Bentahar, Hanane Dalimi, Said Amar and Mohamed Afifi
A Framework for Semantic Video Content Indexing and Retrieval using Contextual Information
Mbarak Charhad, Sadek Mansouri and Mounir Zrigui
Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinect’s Geometric and HOG Features
Marouane Hamda and Abdelhak Mahmoudi
Youssef Hanyf and Hassan Silkan
Protection of the digital image features: Modeling and resolution by genetic algorithm
Noureddine Joudar and Mohamed Ettaouil
Arabic Text Detection in News Video based on Line Segment Detector
Sadek Mansouri, Mbarak Charhad and Mounir Zrigui

Oral Session COEA 2: Reverse/maritime /hospital logistics
Chairs: Prof. A. El Hilali Alaoui, Prof. H. Sarir
Room : 203

Metaheuristics Applied in Remanufacturing and Reverse logistics: A review
Hanane Rachih, Fatima- Zahra Mhada and Raddouane Chiheb
Optimization of Vehicle Routing Problem in the Context of Reverse Logistics of Handling Containers in Closed Loop
Khaoula Bouanane and Youssef Benadada
A global mapping of the Moroccan supply chain of hospital drugs, and a simulation of the dispensation process
Houda Mezouar and Abdellatif El Afia
Onsite Medical waste multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows
Zkeik Hajar, Dkhissi btissam and Reghioui Mohamed
A multi-objective model for discrete and dynamic Berth Allocation Problem
Issam El Hammouti, Azza Lajjam, Mohamed El Merouani, Kawthar Aharmouch and Yassine Tabaa
A model for the continuous berth allocation and crane assignment with an introduction of Ant Colony adaptation approach
Nassima Zrouni, Btissam Dkhissi and Abdellah El Fallahi

12h30 – 14h30
Networking & Lunch Break

14h30 – 15:30
Keynote Talk : Digitalization of the Automotive Industry : Opportunities and Challenges
Prof. Ismail Berrada USMBA, Fez – Morocco
Chair : Prof. M. El Yadari

15:30 – 17:30

Oral Session BDCA 13 : Internet of Things
Chairs: Prof. M.EN-NAIMI and Prof. Y. EL ALLIOUI
Room : 205

Cloud Computing Performance Evaluation under Dynamic Resource Utilization and Traffic Control
Mohamed Hanini and Said El Kafhali
Toward interop erability approach b etwe en Federated Systems
Hasnae L’Amrani, Badr Eddine Berroukech, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Rachida Ajhoun
Recommendation Semantic of Services in Smart City
Chaymae Benfares, Younès El Bouzekri El Idrissi and Abdellah Abouabdellah
Security of communications in connected cars
Sanae Tbatou, Azzedine Ramrami and Youness Tabii
Towards an automatic generator of mathematical exercises based on semantic
Imane Lmati, Habib Benlahmar and Naceur Achtaich

Oral Session BDCA 14 : Education Technology
Chairs: Prof. J. Zbito and Prof. O. Chakkor
Room : 206

E-Learning Real time Analysis Using Large Scale Infrastructure
Abdelmajid Chaffai, Larbi Hassouni and Houda Anoun
State of the art in Big Data: issues and approaches
Imane Labdaoui and Youness Tabii
Semantico-automatic Evaluation of Scientific Papers: State of the Art
Sara Mifrah and El Habib Ben Lahmar
An approach for the detection of plagiarism of ideas
Hambi El Mostafa and Benabbou Faouzia
Towards an ontology of dependability Automatic search approach with Systematic Mapping
Nadia Zahir, Nadia Afifi and Imane Hilal

Oral Session BDCA 15 : Web 2.0
Chairs: Prof. A. Boulaalam and Prof. Y. ELALAMI
Room : 204

Safe and Irrefutable Decentralized Transactions
Harry Kamdem, Thomas Djotio and Rachid Oulad Haj Thami
Detecting Malicious Users in Social Network via Collaborative Filtering
Fatna Elmendili and Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi
Methodological Sketch of Observer-Based Access Control
Mohammed Walid Krakallah and Safia Nait-Bahloul
Towards the semantic annotation of Web of Things A collective disambiguation approach
Ismail Nadim, Yassine Elghayam and Abdelalim Sadiq
Get public opinion from the web : A survey of Text Mining techniques
Abdelkader Rhouati, El Hassane Ettifouri, Mohammed Ghaouth Belkasmi, Jamal Berrich and Bouchentouf Toumi

Oral Session COEA 3: VRP2
Chairs: Prof. A. El Hilali Alaoui, Prof. H. Sarir
Room : 203

Locating Nearby Delivery Zones in an Urban Logistics Context
Ahmed Miloudi, Btissam Dkhissi and Abdellah Elfallahi
Solving the location-routing problems Using Clustering Method
Fadoua Oudouar and Abdelah El Fellahi
A Hybrid Ant Colony applied to Inventory Routing Problem
Cheikh Noufissa and El Merouani Mohamed
Analysing Clustering Routing Protocols Performance for Vehicular Networks
Bouchra Marzak, Hicham Toumi, Elhabib Benlahmar and Mohamed Talea
An Optimal Constraint Model of Robustness Behavior for Object Oriented Programs
Khadija Louzaoui and Khalid Benlhachmi

Oral Session COEA 4 : Artificial intelligence
Chairs: Prof A. Lajjam, Pr M. El Merouani
Room : 106

Estimate of Stochastic Model Parameter of Exchange Rate Using Artificial Intelligence
Mostafa El Hachloufi, Hamza Faris and Mohammed El Haddad
Simulation of electromagnetic waves propagation in free space using netlogo multi-agent approach
Hanan El Faylali, Hamid Bezzout, Sara Hsaini and Salam Azzouzi
Supervised learning in Branch-and-cut strategies
Abdelatif Elafia and Mustapha Kabbaj
New Approach for Microarray Data Decision Making with Respect to Multiple Sources
Fadoua Rafii, Badr Dine Rossi Hassani and M’hamed Aït Kbir
Existence and uniqueness of entropy solutions for some nonlinear elliptic unilateral problems in Musielak-OrliczSobolev spaces
Mohammed Al-Hawmi and Hassane Hjiaj

17h30 – 18h00
Coffee Break & Closing Ceremony